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The Emperor's Faithful

The Emperor's Faithful, or simply 'The Faithful', are a relatively new chapter of Astartes, establishing themselves in the Durham System towards the end of the 41st Millenium. A close link was established with the people of their new home system, and the armours, insigina and chapter doctrines of the 'Faithful' developed to reflect life there. As such, the chapter's colour scheme match that of the Imperial Guard regiment who protects the Durham system - the 68th Praetorians. However, their tactics are very different; they rely on armoured support, fast deployment using the Rhino and the Razorback.

The dull red armour, with a dark green and tan trim, has become the standard pattern for the marines of The Emperor's Faithful. Officers and commanders wear a brighter shade of red, with a dark green, tan and silver trim, to distinguish them on the field of battle.

The chapter has also adopted a more 'light infantry' style of fighting, relying on a balance of manoverability and fire power to bring the Emperor's justice to the enemies of Man. As such, the chapter makes great use of Razorback infantry transports and Landraider transports. Moving quickly into position, the warriors of the Emperor's Faithful lay down a torrent of fire at  


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