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15 Aug 09


Space Hulk is one of my all time favourite games. It's just great - the fast pace, the tension of such a small unit of terminators against overwhelming numbers... It's got everything.

To celebrate the rumoured re-release of Space Hulk as a limited edition boxed set, I've been working on building a 3D space hulk modular board set. In this section you'll find links to the Gallery, modeling guides, home-made rules, missions and possibly battle reports.

Not only will this project be used for playing space hulk, but also as a substitute for the Anphelion Base - a remarkable terrain set from Forge World. This will let me play some exciting games of 40k, all fought within the narrow corridors of an Imperial base.

(Full rules for the Anphelion Base can be found in Imperial Armour Update 2006. This is a Games Workshop publication by Forge World, for use in games of Warhammer 40,000.)


Space hulk campaign

Ma'Caellia Campaign - A fan-made Space Hulk campaign

Link below:

This is the first 16 missions of the Deathwing campaign from the PC and Amiga version of Space Hulk by EA.  I still love this game, and was interested in how the missions would translate onto the board game.

All the missions in this book are completeable with 1 set of the new version of Space Hulk. At some point, I'll release appendecies that include maps for the original missions, and variants using 2 or more sets!

I'd like some feedback on the book, if you don't mind! The missions I will keep more or less the same, as they are supposed to be close to those of the PC game, but I'd like some ideas on the presentation, clarity of rule/mission explanations and so on.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!



 Welcome to my Missions Section!

Here you will find a collection of my own missions, those that I've devised for playtesting or fan made campaigns.

So far, there's only one mission. I hope to add more soon!


Bunker Defense - repair the automated sentries and drive the genestealers from your forward defense line.



3D Space Hulk / Anaphelion Base

Space Hulk Terrain

Over the last few months, I've been slowly building a 3D terrain set for use in Space Hulk and 40K games. I'll add more about this here later, but for the moment, click on the picture below for a link to my Space Hulk Gallery:


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