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Napoleonic Imperial Guard - Las-musket

Posted by Nedius on October 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM

Well, I've been getting back to the project I originally started this webpage for - my Napoleonic Imperial Guard.


I've been playing around with the design of the lasgun I want them to carry. Here is the Brown Bess flintlock musket - the weapon the Napoleonic British army carried (rifles aside, of course).



And here's a lasgun.




I need to turn one into the other. 


Now, given that these are supposed to be Imperial Guard, not just sci-fi Napoleonic, I prefer the idea of a' musket-like lasgun' to a 'lasgun-like musket', so it should be more of a lasgun than a musket. So, rather than use the Empire Hangunner muskets and convert them into a lasgun, I'm choosing to start with the lasgun and convert it to look more like a musket.


The main features of the musket are the top mounted barrel and the long length. As such, I've come up with three concept designs that I'd like your opinion on.




A. This is the simplest design - simply an elongated lasgun. It is clearly a lasgun, but with the musket like length.


B. This is the most 'musket-like of the three. It has the length, the top-mounted barrel and a musket like muzzle - straight cut with a small bayonet mounting/sight.


C. This is a combination of the upper two designs. The lengthened, top mounted barrel, along with a lasgun like muzzle.


Anyway, I'd like your opinion on which is better, or what alternatives could you suggest?


Please, let me know! Thanks!


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Reply Andy
11:56 AM on October 25, 2010 
Glad you're getting back into things. I'm eagerly awaiting updates on the progress of your Space Hulk board - I find it very inspirational :-)
I commented on your Space Hulk library post, but for some reason it appeared twice. Not sure if you can delete one of them?

Anyway, back you your question... Personally I like the last one the best. I think it needs the lasgun muzzle to retain the look of the lasgun. Looks like it's easier than the second one to convert too, which is always a consideration when you've got to loads of them.

Reply Andy
12:00 PM on October 25, 2010 
Actually though, I just had a thought. I wonder if you could replace the barrel extension with just another, perhaps smaller section of rod? I think that might look pretty good, and it'll half the number of lasguns you need to cannibalise :-).
Just an idea...

Reply Lenios
6:40 AM on October 27, 2010 
Bottom one is best, looks like a musket, but still retains the iconic look of a lasgun.
Also, glad to see you getting back into things.
Reply baise black gay
12:46 PM on September 14, 2011 
Great post! Tnx.
Reply Kieran
10:46 AM on June 10, 2013 
I prefer C to be honest, as it perfectly blends the iconic Lasgun aethetic with the main body and muzzle, with the Long barreled Musket feel
Reply Tattooed Dom
2:58 PM on September 7, 2016 
I really like the last one (C) of the three. Please tell us, what brand of materials did you used and where you procured them? Great work by the way.